"It seems like yoga was always in the background of my life, waiting for me to see it.  During my youth, I became aware that physical activity had a profound effect on the mental, emotional, and ultimately spiritual experience of people close to me.  As a teenager a teacher introduced me to my first sequence of Surya Namaskar (sun salutations).  I knew even way back then that I loved yoga and the way it made me feel in my own skin.

But it was years before I found a regular practice.  In my twenties I dabbled in hot yoga and power yoga.  I was working in the fitness industry, certified as a group exercise instructor with A.C.E and a personal trainer with N.A.S.A., and was teaching indoor cycling and group resistance training.  That was the first time someone told me I should teach yoga.  I wasn't listening.  

Then a studio opened in the small rural town near where I live and everything opened up.  Something was different here - there was an understanding of the physical body that I'd never come across in all my years of fitness.  And something more, something less tangible but absolutely real - a connection to myself that I'd always longed for but never known how to find.  Needless to say, I was hooked and in 2010 I completed teaching training, became registered with Yoga Alliance, and began teaching yoga.  I've enjoyed every moment of it, despite the challenges or maybe even because of them, and so long as there are people who want to learn what I've learned about yoga, I will continue to teach.

I am more convinced than ever that yoga has the answers to some of our biggest, most daunting modern problems and it isn't about fitness (although it can make you more fit) and it isn't about weight loss (although some people do lose weight).  It's about feeling better, more balanced in your body, mind, and spirit.  It's about that connection creating better balance in your life, in the way you interact with those you love as well as the strangers who cross your path each day.  A better world starts with more balanced beings in it and the practice of yoga is a path back to that, to the being you have always really been, back to your true self.  

Balanced Beings Yoga believes that if we can each look to our own spheres of influence, however large or small, and create greater balance within those spheres, the world itself becomes incrementally better.  Light up the darkness!"

Balanced Beings Yoga was created by Shawna Scizak, E-RYT500, yoga teacher and passionate student of yoga.  Her hope is to celebrate the physical, philosophical, mental, and spiritual benefits of yoga with those who are seeking to learn.  

A variety of yoga styles have deeply influenced Shawna but particular emphasis is given to the principles of structural integration and functional alignment developed by B.K.S. Iyengar.

What is Balanced Beings Yoga?

Shawna's Story

shawna scizak
Owner and Instructor