Yoga For Holiday Peace -

A Special Yoga Series

The holidays are meant to be filled with gratitude, selfless giving, joy, and a connection to self, family, and community.  Why does our experience so often miss the mark?  How can we avoid or mitigate the stress, tension, irritation, or even loneliness that sometimes accompany this time of festivities?

 Join Shawna Scizak at Brentwood Yoga Center for a unique series of extended practices developed to help you use the centering power of yoga to find and keep you in the holiday spirit.  Deeply revitalize and relax body, mind, and spirit and set an intention to move through the holidays with a bit more ease, grace, and joy.  All workshops are individually designed experiences but have a more profound potential effect when taken together as a series that supports you through the holiday gauntlet, from just before Halloween to just before Christmas.

­Sunday October 29th 10:30am – 12:00
Restorative Yoga – “Cultivating Inner Stillness” $15

­Friday November 24th 9am – 11:00am
All Levels Yoga – “Gratitude” $25

­Saturday November 25th 1pm – 3pm
 All Levels Yoga – “Contentment” $25

­Sunday November 26th 9am – 11:00am
All Levels Yoga – “Equanimity” $25

­Sunday December 17th 10:30am – 12:00
Restorative Yoga – “The Gift of Presence” $15

Attend the entire series for $90!

 Space is limited.  Register early to ensure your spot.  Registration can be completed through the link below, download the app, & search for Balanced Beings Yoga - or register anytime with Shawna Scizak.

Come kick off your holidays with some serenity!